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Split/Shared Charters

Split / Shared Charters Key Largo and Florida Keys

Share a fishing charter is a great opportunity to get all the benefits of a private charter at a reduced cost.

The shared charter is great chance to make new friends. In the past we have had many clients that have shared a charter keep in touch and plan another fishing trip with us.

Taking four people, is ideal, but we can usually squeeze in another with your party. We just want all our clients to feel they are equally important to us. Each person contributes his or her share making it possible for two folks from Illinois to fish with two from England or even join some locals who enjoy fishing with us and sharing a trip!

A split charter allows a group of 2-3 to pair up with another group, thus reducing the total cost. On a split charter you pay a portion based on total number of people. We can take a maximum of 6 people. If you are a group 2 splitting with another group of 2, each group pays 1/2 of the below rates.

Call for our split charter rates and availability on the Key Largo Fishing Adventures Charter Boats! (305) 942-9982


1. Let us know the dates you want to go fishing.
2. E-Mail Captain Greg:
3. How many people are in your party
4. Length and Type of Trip.
5. Once we have confirmed your charter with another party we will advise.
6. A deposit of $200.00 will be required at time of confirmation.

Enjoy your day on the water…’s that simple.

PLEASE. Schedule Early. The more notice we have, the better chance of making your split fishing charter a reality.

Remember – If you are a group of 2 splitting with another group of 2, each group pays ½.

Split/Shared Fishing Charters Dates:

Below on the Google Calendar are the dates we have clients looking for shared fishing charters!

We try to keep the calendar up to date, but it will not always be current while we are on the water!

Any questions or for more information, please call Captain Greg: (305) 942-9982.